We are MondoPal

Today, we are on a mission to end the chaos of moving in on campus. But for tomorrow, our vision is much broader: to simplify and automate the student journey for everyone.

“Financial challenges, endless paperwork, complexity of settling down — we share the belief that we can turn student life on its head to give all students and young graduates, without exception, the experience they deserve”

Margaux and Pierre
Co-founders @MondoPal

Our vision

  • The idea of MondoPal was born out of frustration: when you are a student, you have to cope with daily struggles and are required to do things that take time and that you don't necessarily want to manage. More often than not, the services and tools available do not or poorly meet your needs.

  • Our ambition is to create products and services to break down barriers for all students, regardless of your education, where you come from and where you want to go. Reinventing and simplifying your experience. It starts today with our packs. But tomorrow, it will be much more than that.

Our values

These are the foundations for everything we do. They help us achieve our vision and execute our strategy.

  • Ambition

    We tackle big problems and want to have a great impact in the long run.

  • Action

    We value risk taking, identify reversible decisions and move into action.

  • Result

    We focus on delivering outstanding results, rapidly and consistently.

Meet the team

We build the service we would have loved to use as students.

We lived on several campuses in France and in Europe, sacrificed a lot of time and money, and were the witnesses of the astronomical difficulties that could be encountered. Then there was a lightbulb moment. Fast forward to today and we are redefining all things student.

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