Small prices for big savings

We have analysed our supply chain from A to Z, cut down costs and negotiated the lowest possible prices without compromising on quality. This way, you can save up to 33% on our packs compared to other retailers.

We have been in your shoes. And we know you are looking for the best price.

It’s easy to spend hours trawling the web or visiting 15 stores, only to come up empty-handed, or worse, with a bunch of overpriced purchases. So you don’t have to, we have compared MondoPal with the market and published everything here.

📊 Check out how we stack up against big retailers ↓

MondoPal vs traditional retailers

When comparing like-for-like items, the average price of a pack at MondoPal is on average 25% cheaper than that of major online and high street retailers, such as IKEA, Carrefour and others.

Save up to 33%

Choosing MondoPal’s packs instead of buying all your essentials separately at supermarkets or well-known retailers is simply the best decision you can make when settling down on campus.

🥊 Winner by KO — MondoPal

There’s no magic involved. We’ve been developing a collection of kits packed with tried and tested, high quality items bundled together and delivered directly to your door.

No secrets between us 🤐

At MondoPal, we are all about transparency — so here is all the data we gathered.

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