For a greener future

Let’s work together to cut down on thousands of tons of furniture thrown away at the end of each semester on all the French campuses. Some of our items are ready for the circular economy.

MondoPal is committed to making a difference

Leaving your campus? Don’t need the items you bought on MondoPal anymore? Don’t waste, we come and pick up your stuff for free to launch a second-hand collection in 2022!

How it works

  • Booking

    Request an on-demand pickup, when and where it suits you.

  • Collection

    Our team will come to your place to collect the items you don’t want anymore.

  • Recycling

    We partner with a rehabilitation specialist for the cleaning and recycling.

  • Repackaging

    Items are then bundled into second-hand packs, ready for another few years.

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  • ⚠️ Only available on Rouen Campus for now