My payment was declined or failed

Trying to make a purchase, but the payment is declined or fails? Here are some common error messages that can appear when using credit or debit cards:

  • “Card declined”;
  • “Correct the information on this card or use another card”;
  • “Expired Card”;
  • “Please verify your payment card information and try again.”

If one of these error messages or a similar notification appears, do the following:

  • Check that all the information entered is correct;
  • Submit the requested information;
  • Check that your balance is sufficient to make the purchase;
  • Check the 3D Secure authentication (code issued by your bank).

If the problem remains, you will need to contact your bank or card issuer, or pay for your order with another card.

We will only refuse a transaction on advice from the issuing bank, and we are unable to provide you with details or the reason if this happens.

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