Beware of phishing

What is phishing?

Phishing (or phishing) is a form of online fraud that consists of sending an email that looks like to be a message sent by a trusted company, which will be used to redirect the Internet user to a fraudulent website.

What do these emails look like?

They look a lot like legitimate company emails, as they copy their logo, colour code, and font.

What is the content of these emails?

They usually claim that something happened on your account, for example that it was deactivated. They may also trick you into believing that you have won a prize or that an update of your personal or payment information is required.

They will ask you to sign in to fix this problem. Do not log in or click on any links.

These login pages look genuine, but they are not.

Should I click somewhere on a phishing email?

No, don’t click on any links. If you log in through their email, they can potentially steal your credit card numbers or your identity.

What is the difference between a legitimate MondoPal email and a fake one?

  • MondoPal will always address you by your first and/or last name as you provided it on our website.
  • If we ask you to follow a link from an email, you will always be redirected to a site starting with
  • Be sure to check the spelling of the website. Often scammers only change one letter so the address looks very similar.
  • A member of our team will never ask you directly for your confidential information (password, credit card number, PIN code, etc.).

What measures is MondoPal taking?

Our team is dedicated to keeping your account and yourself safe from phishing attacks. We are working hard to maintain a secure environment.

MondoPal staff will never ask for your card PIN, your bank details, or any passwords. Never share this information with anyone.

However, no security system is 100% foolproof all of the time, which is why it’s important to remain vigilant.

How to protect yourself?

Follow the tips below to protect yourself against phishing:

  • Pay attention to your email warnings, such as spam.
  • Make sure to always protect your usernames, passwords, bank details, and any other private information.
  • Beware of messages that are urgent or seem too good to be true.
  • Always think before you click.

If you suspect a problem, don’t ignore it. Look for spelling and grammatical errors, hover over hidden URLs (don’t click on them), and verify sender details.

Report phishing attempts

If you have received a suspicious email, phone call and/or text message on behalf of MondoPal, contact us. If you can, keep proof such as a screenshot, you can send it to us so we can fight these fraudulent actions more effectively.

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