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One pack is all it takes

EM Normandie and MondoPal partner up to unleash a hassle-free, lightning-fast and budget-friendly move-in experience on campus.

Soon a new place to call home? The struggles of moving-in can be a real pain...

In a residence or via a private landlord, even when it is furnished, everyday essentials are always missing.

You scroll to page 149 on Amazon. You can’t find everything. And coordinating deliveries, a nightmare.

You organise a full-day marathon in shops around town to only come back loaded like a mule.

The never-ending shopping list really hurt. It cost you an arm and a leg.

Otherwise one pack is all it takes!

On your marks

Pre-designed packs ⚡
All you need, at the best price and in 3 clicks.

Bundle to save big

Internal analysis dated Mars 2023 to compare MondoPal, on a like-for-like basis, with IKEA, Carrefour and others.

How does it work?

They won’t pack it back

students convinced

It saved so much time

I ordered the kitchen pack and the whole experience was great! Fast delivery, no problems, everything is high quality. It saved so much time, effort and money compared to searching for each individual thing.



Excellent value for money

Products are great, excellent value for money. I will definitely recommend MondoPal to anyone moving home and to students. Literally everything you need in one pack.



Great delivery process

Great quality, fair prices, great delivery process, very cool website.



Pleasant exchange with customer care

Had a glass damaged in transit which was quickly replaced free of charge after a pleasant exchange with customer care.



Bought for my daughter going to engineering school

Bought a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom pack for my daughter going to engineering school. It arrived quickly and the quality of all the items was very good. I highly recommend.



A committed pack

Commitment #2

Offering a 100 % organic cotton range

  • Full “Household linen” collection
  • GOTS label by Ecocert®
  • Social and environmental requirements
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Commitment #1

Reducing waste with RePack

  • Free send back programme for used packs
  • Sorting, cleaning, recycling and upcycling
  • Second-hand range at knockdown prices
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Commitment #3

Opting for more sustainable deliveries

  • Fleet of 1 000+ green vehicles
  • Optimization of delivery routes
  • -22 % CO₂ emissions in 6 years
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We are here for you

Find answers to most of your questions by visiting our Help Centre. Otherwise, contact our team, we respond within minutes, 7 days a week, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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