There is a problem with the MondoPal website

Just like most of the existing websites, you may occasionally encounter technical problems with MondoPal. For example, error messages may appear on the screen or certain features or pages may be temporarily unavailable. In most cases, there are simple solutions to the problems you are having and we have attempted to list them below.

The most common problem you might encounter could be with the browser you are using. Make sure you’re using one of our supported browsers.

If you are using a supported browser, we recommend that you enable cookies and then clear your cache. If that doesn’t work, we recommend logging in private mode.

Sometimes ad blockers and anti-viruses can also cause problems in the operation of our pages. Issues with card payments can be resolved by disabling your ad blocker and starting the payment over.

We may also perform scheduled maintenance. You can check the status of our systems by visiting MondoPal Status.

If the problem is still occurring despite these solutions, it is possible that our site has a glitch. The most efficient way to solve it is to open your console then take a screenshot and send it to us via chat. This screenshot will allow us to analyse the origin of the problem and work directly to resolve the situation. We will of course keep you informed.

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